5 Reasons Why Life is Easier in a Dress

     No, I'm not the girl who absolutely loves wearing a dress. In fact, I prefer to wear jeans and a blazer. But I must admit, some of my best days took place while wearing a dress. I'll make tho quick and easy for you. Here's 5 reasons why life is easier in a dress. Ready. Set. Read! Wear. 


1. For some odd reason, a dress can make the toughest of girls feel sexy and secure. No. I'm not insecure while wearing anything else...I mean come on, how does that sound? But when I wear a dress, a carefree spirit comes over me. A reminder that life doesn't always have to be so serious. A dress that flows, only shows you that you should do just that, go with the flow. 

2. There's only one piece! Ha, one thing that I can't stand is the iron and an ironing board. Don't get it twisted, I'm not for the "Hurry up and go." wrinkled look neither. If I must iron, at least there's only one piece to tackle. It's also great knowing that you have a complete outfit. No scavenger hunts for the perfect matching top or bottom here. 

3. Legs. We all have them...I hope. Show them off. In a time where people barely wear clothes, I thought I'd catch  you before you hop onboard with such a horrible trend. Let's give those guys something to dream about. Legs are a sexy part of your body that gives just enough. Warning ⚠️: If you apply Coconut Oil or Nivea body lotion, you're simply dressed to kill honey...in a good way that is.  

4. Dresses are the first thing you should throw in the midist of a staring at your clothing saying " I don't have anything to wear "moment. Snap out of it and continue on with your day. We have paper to chase!

5.  Dresses are also a gift great traveling essential. Are you the girl who has to sit ontop of her luggage just to be able to close it? Ha, yep that's me. Outfit security is a must, I mean you don't know what could happen. The more outfits you pack the more secure you feel...am I right or am I right? Pack those babies like never before. 


Now, you have a legitimate reason to spend that dough, now go out a rack up on those dresses! 

-Stride in Style



Lets be clear, I was born in 1987 and my friend and I went to a I love the 90's concert. Yes, we only knew 3 1/2 songs but everyone else knew EVERY word. If you haven't seen the Amway Center, I'll save you the google search by saying  it screams photo opp!  That's if you're into laser lights and such and overusing "it's lit" as your caption. 

Captured by: Jasmine Hollis

Captured by: Jasmine Hollis


H&M Bodysuit  ($5 bucks during Black Friday)

Zara Basic denim, clutch and boots (seasons old) 

Calvin Klein Denim Jacket (hand me down ) 

MAC Matte Lipstick in Punk Couture  


Denim Speaks Louder


I love this overshirt from Zara for some many reasons. Well duh, I kind of love everything from Zara but that's not the point! Now is a time when the world seems to shaken up by the inevitable, and while that may be true for majority...I just can't be in that number.


Positivity and faith is what keeps me afloat and alive. It's so easy to fall down but getting up takes a ton of strength. I say get up and run towards those things that we desire. Besides circumstances that were a surprise to us and the world wasn't a surprise to the one who's really in control.

My friends, I dare you to smile uncontrollably and know that you ARE beautiful. -Stride in Style ✌🏾.


Creating The New You

If I told you that I probably won't be the same person tomorrow as I am today, would you believe me? One thing that most people get caught in is all of the characteristics about themselves that they dislike. I've never been one who values the like of others...I'm just me. The best thing you can do for yourself is to fall in love with who you are, tweak the things that you may need to change and move forward. 

If there's something weighing you down like a sudden breakup or losing your job or even a family member; the best thing you can do for yourself is to wind yourself up, put your shoulders back  and push forward.

I love changing my hair and I'm kind of known for doing such a thing  often but no one knows why I do it. I reinvent myself often by pushing myself to strive for things that most people would imagine to be the impossible. Who decides whether or not we can attain the things that we want? It's all in us. Negativity can be a massive growth if we allow such a thing to take over us. I chose to allow the masses of possibility, chance, and faith to grow uncontrollably within me. Are you with me? 


A Total Mess

One thing is for sure, my closet is a mess! Yes, you heard me. Me, the image consulting, style conducting, personal shopper has a messy closet. I'm here to say piles no more! I'm determined to have a closet that reflects my work and not my lack of leisure time. You know, shelved shoes, colored-coded blouses and shirts. I'm doing it! Conquering my own mess of a wardrobe. Stick around for my next post. The Wardrobe Cleanse.  -Stride in Style.

Flat Out Perfect

I love a great pair of heels but when I'm on the go...it's just too much to walk in them AND get things done. So I've rekindled my love for flats but not just any flats. Loafers are the best thing to have in your closet these days. They add comfort and character to your look. Studded, bright hues, leather, suede, brown, round, and pointed toes. Which ever the way the wind blows...you'll be in style and ready.  


The Skinny

Not only am I a fan of the 70s trend this season, I over love the skinny scarf! I mean who would have thought that such a detail would weigh so much when it comes to completing a simple look? Let me tell you, I am in love with The Skinny. Yes, I gave it a nickname.  

I absolutely love a great scarf but this time it's different. You don't need a cool breeze or even a chill to wear the skinny scarf. Switch it up a bit and put down the statement necklace and lace up in a skinny scarf. Chiffon or silk will do the job.

This time I paired my scarf with a rust pair of culottes, my favorite Chloe inspired pleated blouse, and laced Mary Janes to top my look off. Talk about an easy breezy, weekend- friendly outfit. 






Once I found out that Zara created a replica of the Celine platform sandal and a good one I might add...but it was sold out. "Sold out" are the last words that you want to hear when you find a good thing that AFFORDABLE! But I managed to find another pair from Forever 21 for just 33.00! 



This pair actually has more character with the metallic gold platform which is much more my speed. I paired it with my new favorite jeans and a knit crop top that I found during a Zara sale for 18.00.



es it's summer but I'm always going to be cool enough to wear black. Do you dare? 

Friday Haze

Porter magazine has become one of my favorite magazines. Not only is it fresh and unique, it's darn good! Have you ever flipped through the pages of a magazine within minutes? No good stories to read, no new trends, sheesh even the ads can be a snooze. Well take my advice and flip the script and pick up something new! 

I've always dreampt of writing for a fashion magazine and Porter is on the top of my list. It's like they really, I mean REALLY understand women. I vote Porter any day, including Friday's. What's the weekend without a great fashion mag in hand? Yeah, I thought so. Stride in style my friends. 


Memorial Day Style Prep

Memorial Day weekend is here and let me guess, you have nothing to wear right? Worry no more my distraught friend in fashion. The key to a great look this weekend is a great pair of shoes and a nice bag. If you're on my side of the world, it's too hot for layering;this is a time when statement pieces are the answer to your problems.  


Pumps are the answer to mornings of frustration; so is black nail polish :)  Stella McCartney anything is a win, win situation. There's always room for jeans, leather bands are better, sleeveless and summer...need I say more? A roman with a pleasant aroma trail is dangerously chic. 

Pumps are the answer to mornings of frustration; so is black nail polish :)  Stella McCartney anything is a win, win situation. There's always room for jeans, leather bands are better, sleeveless and summer...need I say more? A roman with a pleasant aroma trail is dangerously chic. 

Getting dressed doesn't have to be a total headache. Often times it's quite simple. Wait. You must first begin with an organized closet then your mornings, afternoons, and even nights of getting dressed, would be a lot smoother. Strut your stuff this weekend and show them what you've got.

The Statement Shoe

When you go out with your friends or even when you're alone, what does your steps say? Yes you read that correctly. Sometimes your style can say everything about you without you having to say a word. The mood you're in, your confidence, and of course your taste. Why not say all the right things with one step? It's possible...believe me. Statement shoes are the same as statement jewelry. A completion of a raw outfit and all of its rough edges. Here's a few of my statement shoes. All from Zara and affordable ;-) check them out .